Linda Braun, Ph.D. Candidate (Department of History, Johns Hopkins University)

Contact: linda dot braun at jhu dot edu, @lindahbraun

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European and German History at the Johns Hopkins University. In my dissertation “Experiencing Ragtime and Jazz in Germany, 1890-1945,” I analyze cultural and social practices of popular music culture from a historical and musicological angle. Since 2012, I have worked in the Department of History as a Teaching Assistant in various fields, including interdisciplinary approaches. For Intersession 2014, I taught the course “Music and Politics in Modern Europe” and in Spring 2015, I will instruct the upper-level undergraduate course “The Holocaust” at the Johns Hopkins University. In particular, I am interested in teaching World History, Modern European History (Central and Eastern Europe), popular culture, and gender history. As a participant of the “Preparing Future Faculty for Teaching Academy,” I engage with teaching in a methodological way and focus on how to use digital humanities inside as well as outside of the classroom.

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